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Sarah Rayne Photography

Sarah Rayne Photography

Twitter: @saraxsligar

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email: sarasligar@gmail.com

My fiction is represented by Alexandra Machinist at ICM Partners. My debut novel, Take Me Apart, follows a young archivist whose obsession with a photographer's mysterious death threatens to destroy her fragile new life in northern California. My nonfiction and humor writings have been published on Public Books, Quartz, McSweeney's, and more. I am currently working on my second novel.

As a Ph.D. candidate in English at the University of Pennsylvania, I work on 20th- and 21st-century fiction, film, and television. My dissertation studies the rise of the legal procedural in the context of American criminal procedure. You can read more about it, as well as my other research interests, right here.

I received my B.A. from Amherst College, spent a year on a research fellowship in Paris at the École Normale Supérieure, and did my M.Phil. in History at Cambridge, where I drank absinthe for the first and last time in my life. I now live in Brooklyn. In my spare time, I hang out with my awesome rescue dog and make deeply mediocre pottery.

A full CV and additional writing samples are available on request.

Please contact me directly for writing assignments and editing and proofreading rates.